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Cargo Selections


The voyagers may bring as many as four ships. Less means better able to avoid mishap and intrigue. More means more cargo space.

Flagship, 4 specialists, 4 cargo, musketeers, plus extra company horse or marines.
Support A (Salerno), 1 specialist, 8 cargo, min soldiers.
Support B (Kleef), 2 specialistw, 6 cargo, min soldiers.
Support C (Ansbach), 1 specialist, 2 cargo, plus extra company horse or marines.

Cargo Options
Electrum from France or New World
Iron Ingots from Serbia
Horses from Ansbach
Brass from India or Mandar
Heavy Armaments from France, India, Moors or Japan
Silk from India, Burma
Slaves from Lower Forty or New World
Purple Dyes from Burma
Jade Jewelry from Burma
Perfume from Burma
Porcelain from Mandar
Medicine from Japan
Lions & Tigers from India or New World
Red Pepper from New World
Alexandria Sugarcane Rum
New France Pineapple Marmalade in Jars
Timber from Bavaria or New World
Bibles, Printed Books from Netherlands
Colonial Trade Goods (Ax-heads, Blankets, Darts, Silver Plate, Wire…)
Safavid Deceptions (Incense, Pennants, Smoke, Horns, Dancers…)
Insurance Stores (Sails, rigging, provisions, water casks, salt pork…)
Light Arms (Muskets, pikes, blades to outfit Irregulars)

Note: Each point of trade cargo is a debt owned to the Fuggar Bankers. At mission end, you will be required to roll a D8 under net profit for complete success. Yet any cargo could be worth an entire ship’s full if non indigenous and found to be rare. The trade with Burmese is by far the most lucrative yet, bringing home many one of a kind trade items (sources).



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