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As we made it to Novgorod ....


Does that mean the party has met the requirement to get the bones to Novgorod or lose a Trait?

No one said they had to stay there?

The Delvers would require the letter of the contract be fulfilled as agreed.

The Impetus Blade was discovered by Tamoon but swung with great effect by Ralf. The wizard man told the fighter man how to use his gift correctly. I foresee many dispatches coming.

Ralf also provided the grand strategy that overcame the difficulties of fighting Invincible creatures using his Methodical skills. Not only does Ralf cut a fine figure in his cloak and sword, but his genius in battle is unmatched.

It seems we have begun to leverage the rules for our benefit. While it was a great roll that brought the Titans back to the dirt, part of it was eliminating the defensive mode (-6) and the addition of Killer Instinct and a clear deck to stand on (Vermin Free).

The multiple techniques bonus will be an interesting addition to our tools.



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