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Private Concerns, Redux


Private Concerns
The players are able to improve their characters during Administer’s Affairs, but that may come at a price. Think Deck of Many Things. Just first declare by name what you’re after – swaggering, skill or trait. e.g. Better Valor, Pistoleer or Dashing. You may only pick one of the three in any attempt.

Flip a card and consult the table below:
Cups: Gain swaggering or skill at any level. Gain Trait up to level four.
Cups inv.: Gain swaggering up to level seven. Gain skill up to level six. Gain Trait up to level four.
Rods: Gain swaggering up to level six. Gain skill up to level four. Gain Trait up to level two.
Rods inv.: Gain swaggering up to level five. Gain skill or Trait up to level two.
Coins: Gain swaggering up to level four.
Coins inv.: Gain swaggering up to level three.
Swords: Gain swaggering up to level two.
Swords inv.: Gain swaggering up to level one.
Magician: Gypsy fortune, so suggest your own fate – take wound, cause another’s injury, fail spectacularly when needed the most, find a cursed item, etc. Character may skip the next mission to avoid the fractured fate.
High Priestess: Choose a skill, which will be highly successful next mission before climax. Inverted, skill will always fail miserably up to climax. Referee decides skills in both circumstances.
Empress: Offend someone and make an enemy. Inverted, the enemy is a powerful npc, baron or member of the court.
Emperor: Gain social status up to noble or as a lord, become one of the peers, a baron, count or earl. Inverted, cashiered and lose all social status above eight.
Pope: Gain or lose Trait Stout. On-Off switch – have it already, then lose it. If you lack the Trait, gain it.
Lovers: Sire a bastard. Inverted, discover you have a teen son or daughter.
Chariot: First card of the next mission, should it be an Ace to Nine, will double up and become a Campaign Event, regardless (obviously) of phase. Inverted, treat the event like a triple series influence. e.g. Three sixes, new trade route explored.
Strength: Gain or lose Trait Lordly. On-Off switch – have it already, then lose it. If you lack the Trait, gain it.
Hermit: Sway away from your faith toward Humanism or go fully to reformed religious beliefs. Inverted, your confessor has also reported your blasphemy or heretic morals.
Wheel: Shuffle and continue. Here, the player also had no result good or bad. A waste fo his chance, perhaps?
Force: Gain or lose the charter to a company of men. On-Off switch – have one already, then lose it. If you lead no force, gain a commission as a major. Why might be anyone’s guess?
Hanged Man: Lose a brawl. Ambushed, arrested and beaten by vigilante justice, falsely hanged or whipped, rightly beaten for drunkenness, escape a press gang, etc. Suffer Vicious. Either ride into the next mission injured, already. Else, hope another round of Administer’s Affairs comes around. Inverted, if level below four, then also maimed with loss of an eye, ear, nose, finger, foot or testicles. Player may choose.
Death: Bury a friend, family member, beloved, casual enemy. Inverted, the fire, shipwreck, plague or act of god took several people known to you. If there is another player with a level zero character, kill that wimp too.
Temperance: Atone mightily and free all your slaves, donate all your wealth to the Church, publicly repent past dealings, renounce by letter to the Grand Assize your ignoble practices,…, during the next mission the character may be hunted for a bounty. The player’s own fortune should suffer greatly. Inverted, also report your comrades as criminals. Then deny ratting out those friends, because could’ve been a shared enemy after all. Short-lived reconciliation with God and back to being a lying scoundrel, regardless.
Devil: Gain or lose Trait Cunning. On-Off switch – have it already, then lose it. If you lack the Trait, gain it.
Tower: Threatened with imprisonment by local baron. Submit into Digression Court #J or adopt an alias. Bad result before noble, or flee the charge, results in social standing ruined to destitute. Inverted, the crown is the one who issues the warrant for arrest. The only option is new identity. Keep your level, but your background and social standing return to baseline zero.
Star: Gain or lose Trait Dashing. On-Off switch – have it already, then lose it. If you lack the Trait, gain it.
Moon: Lunacy, nervous breakdown, doubts, suffer a minus one on all rolls. Lasts until you are successful in completing a mission climax.
Sun: Gain or lose a vessel. On-Off switch – have at least one already, then choose what sinks. Otherwise, someone left you a two deck galleon in fair to poor condition.
World: Gain or lose land holdings. On-Off switch – have any estates, then lose those deeds. Otherwise, someone left you inheritance and rents from lands in the countryside. Inverted, if the character lacks Gentry-Husbandman, then the land will be lost to cover debts in a D8 seasons of the campaign. Perhaps get the skill before then?
Judgment: Gain or lose wealth. If you’re above social rank eight, this windfall gains you the next social level. Otherwise, you go bust and fall back to destitute. Next time think about spending your downtime managing something besides your vanity? If you were a member of the court, social standing above fourteen, you should also make a powerful enemy of the person your replaced. That may even be the former king you disposed. Check that ruddy Fame Ignoble, your majesty. Inverted, reverse this outcome and those above eight drop a rank. Those below go up one. A noble of social standing eight, becoming a Warden (nine) makes an enemy of the person he displaced.
Fool: Let gear fall into disrepair; minus two for all rolls through the next mission scenario. Inverted, player additionally may only select Irregular in personal duels. Future offerings, see to your kit, sir.



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