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Out of character.


Bailey is loyalist. Leon may begin to chafe at his hastily asked for appointment, but he's a loyalist. Hugo isn't a loyalist, but not political enough to overthrow the crown.

Moridin, Merd-a-din, Diaz, Francois, Percy and Harmon are loyalists, certainly. Think the Wildmoons are, as well. Although new revelations on lineage can change a man.

Bonadventure... Stole the King's Barge! No, wait, that was Paul Klee, and he's dead. Gaspard might overthrow the King from spite, but he's dead...

Bonaventure IS Major of a Legion... But Francois has all the good canons, and Cutlass isn't big on PvP.

As a player I think a usurpation would be fun and funny, but said player would have his/her character confiscated by the Ref only to see said character die in a campaign event. Kings don't get to adventure! (Even a "mere" Admiral can't just pop off to meet the Mughals.)

But, if we choose to go that route, well, I have a non-loyalist Lvl 0 ready to go and a coup generates all kinds of easy Ignobles for a low-level.


   Mike Myke Mique

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