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Occurred to me that a sim could actually be a rpg campaign. The guts of which would evolve by a set of player interactions. You have a very complex program which generates quest elements. These are completed by the players and the results are added by the automated Ref. The players could then see how they are directly changing the Deep Space One or Babylon Five, Wreck of the Pandora or for that matter Middle Earth.

Could be a project for Conrad and me once he retires. A persistent world, able to be accessed by a variety of players online, with mission driven events that tweak the whole campaign? Be WoW but without the grind. When you actually complete a quest it's done. It's not there for the next player to repeat (for his xps). Needs a zero sum based resource balanced economy.

Can't have Laura borrowing 14 millions ducats she has no ability to ever repay.



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