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Two Steps ... Draw the Card and Succeed in the Roll


The 1 in 6 comes from the weighted average of the rolls.

(Imagine if every card was an escape card but the chance of succeeding was 50% .. the percentage would be 50% per draw. You have to draw the card AND succeed in the roll.)

Some of those rolls were pretty high.

I'm not complaining (much) ... just assessing. I think I chose to run away once or twice in battles to avoid injury. I would be better off going Calculated or Brash (probably) to avoid injury.

In short, I think I misunderstood ... this isn't "Defensive" in the Cutlass world ... this is "Escape a Bad Situation (Escape at All Costs)". It is and should be scary.

When you add in the Major Arcana, about 70% of the possible draws do NOT include Escape options. (Though Arcana would be a draw again generally speaking.) Too many, if/then/Elses to model the whole mess ... just a Quick Look to calibrate one's eye. (Rather than trying to capture all the if/Then/Elses, I would just capture 10,000 card pulls and average it out.)

I pulled this version from the last version you sent and compared to Drive Thru. Tough to keep the versions current. The next version of the Tool automatically refreshes for the players from the Cloud as they get updated. (So, if Mike updates and pushes to the Cloud, I can refresh with a button click and get the latest version automagically.)

The Quick Look was a good way to see the spread of results and Advantage choices. Instructive.


   Iron Odds

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Up next chance to kill -- red (posted: 2/3/2019) 
Will do on Brash ... -- Iron Odds (posted: 2/3/2019) 
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