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Up next chance to kill


When you get a free four hours run the numbers on dispatch in Brash. I'm curious that it disappeared among all the other IF/THEN/ELSE clutter.

The Calculated actions correct the randomness.

B Better Valor, Blade Mucilage, Mount Winged, Longboat Charted Path
14 or better: All players may escape the battle; any who decide to stay receive Tactics Pip advantages.
12 13: Escape the battle or remain in Catbird Seat.
7 11: No Effect.
5 6: Lose swaggering. Change Method to Escape.
3 4: Select Irregular next round.
2 or less: Knocked Out. Note: This option does not work on Enchanted Creatures and beyond; risk Escape Method instead.

Plus five for ship overkill and Quest Pip and we all get to routinely flee. Yet run away to what and where?



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Will do on Brash ... -- Iron Odds (posted: 2/3/2019) 
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