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Will do on Brash ...


With 4 (suits) tables it was a bit more work. I ran the first one to try to understand the best approach to take.

As I was creating the groupings, my brain said this could be done with a app / web page easy enough. A column for Result, Target Number, Advantage, Modifiers, Additional effects and some color text. Not sure if it would save much effort but would make it easier to automate.

Because the results are already in a table in the tool, I can get the results out a bit quicker than pulling from the book.

Would be interesting to see how the odds change with a simple +1, +2 etc.

K man once found a website which ran the same football games 100 times to give the spread. The Nerd in me said it would interesting to see the same thing for say a 3rd level fighter against a 3rd level mage. Or Goblin, or Orc, or whatever. Or a dude with Rugged against a dude with Clever.

Whether for good or ill, there's a big interest in the World's oldest RPG trying to measure a suitable challenge rating ... so the bad guys match up with the party. There's websites with a list of encounters ... for example 17 goblins against a part of 3 third level types. I have no interest in that but would be nice to see a simulation of a fight 100 times to see who would win.

Just nerd ramblings. I'll post up what I find.


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