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Rusty is the new Squires


Long ago and far away Greg Squires was the one with the reputation for the crap rolls (I remember playtesting a G/Sol mission I'd written for a Con. You guys pretty much nailed everything down and, only on a two, would the squad fail to convict. Of course Squires rolled the 2).

Long ago and far away "Murphy's Law" was quantified by statisticians.

Long ago and far away I posted a thread here about said formula. Here's the link:


Just replace Squires with Rusty and it's still valid.

Incidentally, any chance of just allowing the forum pages button at the bottom to have an eternal "Next" option? There are now 60 pages of history in the forum, which was a lot of manually changing numbers in the URL bar. Since I had a "search page for 'Murphy'" active, just clicking "Next" for each page would have made the search easier.

There's a lot of old and amusing things buried in the forums... Like discussions of Online Cutlass from 2003.


   Mike, Son of Mike

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Well I obviously figured out the retype the number thing -- Mike Miller (posted: 2/5/2019) 
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