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I draw the line at calling the Happenings in the Shire boring ....


... ha ha ....

The beginning in the shire is to set the stage for things to come. It is definitely improved on the second read.

The race after the Orcs is a fun read as well. The audio is good too. (The movie is a delight but the audio part for much of the Two Towers was better.)

Got Starship Troopers on CD and been listening it to it in the car. The first battle where the MI is doing a show of force on the Skinny planet. It sets the state. What? Do you apes want to live forever?

Every sentence is critical to the story. Rico is afraid to jump. Then, bump, bump, bump, it's on. The Skinnies didn't know what hit them. Later to be their allies, the raid worked.

Stay away from Klendathu ... it's just bad.


   Iron Frodo

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