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Hour long fights D&D5?


Your link took me down the rabbit hole to a DM who seems very bright, lots of energy, very good extemporaneous speaking ability. His game sucks. I think the mechanics are limiting him. He seems to understand how to entertain, but there's no arc of story.

Now he would identify me as a story-teller gamer, Robin Laws #6, but I'm actually a Tactician #3. Unless I Ref, then I'm #6. Sort of nonsense, the labels, but what I see is a finely painted figure, five courteous players, not a single human moment to justify one hour. They might as well have been house cats. If they were all #2's Lookie Lous, never played, I can see where they would be entertained. Maybe the pod cast had some of them shy, but I think the camera goes away over an hour. People forget and act like a documentary. This was bad role-play, again, maybe not DM's fault. Though in another video he showed a new Ref how to draw w/ graph paper and add a clever riddle. As if every evil tomb is thwarted by a kid's riddle.

Actually, I added one recently to my own hellish landscape, so I'm just as guilty.

I am tempted to record audio on one of our sessions. Illegal in California, though, without written permissions. Also seems like a pain. Don't really want to learn how and have the exposure. But all I can say (to the faithful) is that D&D ain't got no better in four decades. Wish it did, but I could never play that game (even drunk and trying to be polite). If a game takes an hour to kill a demon, there had better be player cake at the end. There had better be more than roll to-hit. Also, from a Ref design point, here had better be Homeric consequences to the campaign. This is not just the players are big and now can kill (have to kill) big mobs. There would need to be a dozen people now weakened by demon's departure and a dozen others trying to bring Zuul back. What is the closest town w/o the attraction-devotion.

The game might have been a goblin for all the fuss. Except the #1 Power Gamers need to see the hps go up half a D8. Oh man, the dunderheads control the hobby.



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