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I've seen worse


I mean I've not seen worse...

Q&D Unfortunate Harms
Harms King: Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Swagger Battle Cry (A)
Harms Queen: Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Swagger Repartee (P)
Harms Knight: Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Trait Bold
Harms Knave: Difficulty: 12 Advantage: Skill Acrobat
Harms 10: Difficulty: 20 Advantage: Wizardry Geomancy (C)
Harms 9: Difficulty: 20 Advantage: Swagger Better Valor (B)
Harms 8: Difficulty: 20 Advantage: Longboat Elite Goals (A)
Harms 7: Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Skill Occult Scholar
Harms 6: Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Skill Armorer-Smith
Harms 5: Difficulty: 20 Advantage: Wizardry Illusions (I)
Harms 4: Difficulty: 10 Advantage: Skill Man-at-Arms
Harms 3: Difficulty: 14 Advantage: Trait Clever
Harms 2: Difficulty: 20 Advantage: Swagger Charismatic Style (C)
Harms Ace: Difficulty: 16 Advantage: Longboat Charted Path (B)

Fury Pip would help. So would Tactical Pip and Quest pip and prayer. Those Advanatges are something we all have, correct? Roll twice for level 5+.

Maybe just take your wound or second wound or use a make-roll.

Maybe ask yourself next time you slay a god, if perhaps you shouldn't!?!



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Daughter is even worse -- red (posted: 2/5/2019) 
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