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They Seem Reasonable ....


Agree, when you plug in a few bonuses, the tide shifts.

The only thing I would say is that the Bad Things (in game terms) would tend to be more Bad than the Good things.

If you were fighting 5 small creatures and you dispatched one (a good thing) but then you got a vicious wound or a knock out, a bad thing, there would still be 4 baddies to cart you away.

I noted some distinction in the Brash Suit results ... one tended to gain more bonuses, one tended to do more damage. It was not as pronounced across all 4 suits.

A smart player might farm for Swagger on the tables.

I did note that having 64 56 potential results tends to reduce the ability to farm for specific results. Because of the deck, 1/64 1/56 is much more challenging than 1/14 (plus inversion). Originally, I thought more choices would be better but ... probably ... in reality ... probably worst more random for the player.

Irregular was not as bad as originally thought. That only has 14 options so might be easier to farm?

Plus, add in the Major Arcana and things change considerably.

The tables seem worst when multiple bad things come up at once -- Tower, Moon, Inverted almost anything.

In the end, the only way to note for sure is to run them over and over again at the lower end to see how it plays out. It would be interesting to see over time how the characters progress. (The latest campaign tended to progress faster than perhaps the characters were ready for testing.)

A few more cycles will provide interesting information.


   Iron Conrad

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