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Laura asks "Aren't we loyalists? Do we WANT to overthrow the Crown?"

Well, yes, the PC's are loyalists, but that can always change for a quick Growth Ignoble. It's a valid question. Does Conrad WANT Jasc Bonadventure to make a play for the throne? If he doesn't well, would EITHER Wildemoon try?

My guess is one of those three characters will go for it. First, if the Ref is writing several missions around the concept it would be a bit rude to say, "Nah, we'll blindly support Maxime."

Plus, overthrowing the Crown is fun in a game. Also, how many Cutlass PC's get forced into retirement by becoming a true monarch? Not many. (Then Jasc Bonadventure dies in a Campaign Event, randomly, later.)

Leon is already chafing in his position. He's probably easy to sway. Bailey owes favors to the Fuggars and is a loyalist of the Valiant. He can be swayed. Hugo isn't political, but he likes Jasc. One of my two level Zero guys sitting ready is a quintessential Pyrate. He'll do it for the looting. The other.... Is a nasty man who is dedicated to the Vatican. He'd be out, but he's level zero, so who cares?

Red, you list, above, Bonadventure as Archbishop of Marsailles? I think that's Percy. Same player.


   Mike Miller

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