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Laura, the Heretic....


"CAN" post her own comments, in the sense of "is physically and mentally capable of the action," but, by her own admission, she has NEVER looked at the SG/FG site.

I hide behind no one to question the plot. My take was as follows: "Plus, overthrowing the Crown is fun in a game. Also, how many Cutlass PC's get forced into retirement by becoming a true monarch? Not many. (Then Jasc Bonadventure dies in a Campaign Event, randomly, later.)"

With a further observation that, long ago, every single squad member of "Fallout's Fearless" swore a blood-oath to kill Jack Foster over the death of CC Cutter. It was a beautiful moment in which an entire squad doomed themselves (since there's just no way to take Foster out) to destruction in a quest for vengence. I'm still sad we never played it out, so, y'know, overthrowing the monarch of France is in the same vein of gaming fun. And, it's even possible to pull off! *winky*

Marat? I think every artist we've encountered in the campaign has died. Ain't no one left to paint our fallen philosopher (which I'll say is Percy, for no reason). Except for that guy who sculpted everyone's bust in Salerno...the one that has "World's Greatest Explorer" on Leon's plaque. ;-)

L^3 is probably down for revolution. Call HIM DaVinci, will the court? Hah!. B^3, not so much, but he does owe the Fuggars, so, if they order him into action, he'll do something.


   Mike Miller

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Salerno, I forgot -- red (posted: 2/11/2019) 
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