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Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the dance?


The game odds were a bit swingy. I think if you did it 10 times, you would find the party ending badly for the king in probably 9.

First, we had to work our way through the crowds. Then, we had to get past a card flip that seemed 75% unsuccessful. And, then make a Swaggering Roll. Worst still, we started with lowbies who were challenged by the pace of the dance.

Even the level 8 swashy couldn't get past the droning on couple once he appeared at the party. Lyon failed to provide the proper attire. Who would match a wide neck flourish with a Green Tunic?

On the other hand, the Assassin was successful if the right condition occurred.

It seems that a check down mechanism needs to be refined. Eight checks (Four Checks) and the king is dead. It would increase the drama.

Or, as Mike mentioned, it would have been a great opportunity to learn the players in the Courts.

It would seem that the "Court" as it were moves in a predictable way in most things. In the end, the event is simply the reveal. The characters can influence the outcome but not by much. If the didn't get him at this party, there will always be another.

Useful mechanic in the game. I sense that the tables will not go away.


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