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April begins


I still have one more booklet to write in Outlands. That series is far from finished, but I can take a break and move to Era Ten after the next supplement, "Rather Useful tables." Will include two settings, the Digression tables and some extra stuff I find I need to Ref.

Era Ten is supposed to be very Gallows Humor, so the list may morph in terms (content and parallel to other swagger in otehr games will remain the same). The abilities will match very roughly one to one with Outlands. Some lessons learned from Outlands will enter Era Ten. The game in space must be more bounded without magic but with enough strange and wonderful to satisfy the Skia, Spock-like, aspects.

Terran gain any swagger. Maybe though a limit on Funky.
Cruz treat any gain or Advantage of Funky as EE Suit.
Skia treat Tin-Head as Funky.
Cimmer treat Tin-Head as EE Suit.

Will be fun to see in Beta play ~ June?

Make your reservation (here) for a seat at the table.



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