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...that foul criminals like Jonson and DaVinci ascend to positions of power while proud members of the Vert Valliant - loyal servants of France, and heroes of the Realm should fine themselves attacked by glorified street thugs.

I urge all those loyal to the true Spirit of France to rally behind the banner of Lord Bonaventure, heir of the ancient dynasty, Savior of Montpelier, and hero of the Vert Valliant.

With the support of true Patriots such as Marshal of France, Francois Duclos, Archbishop of Marseilles, the "Gentle Confessor," Wischard Percy, Viceroy of Japan, Moridin, Governor of Alexandria, Bartholomeu Duaz, and the allegiance of their brothers of the Vert Valliant this fractured Nation will be restored to unity under her True King, Bonaventure!


   Leon Leonard L'eonce, Admiral of France

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Are we talking bout the same person? -- red (posted: 3/1/2019) 
Different people. -- Leon Leonard L'eonce, Admiral of France (posted: 3/1/2019) 
Pick Your Poison -- red (posted: 3/1/2019) 
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