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Pick Your Poison


The mission to pray and drink your way to allegiance starts Weds. But after that the choice of direction is up to each principal player.

Marseilles needs grain or the cavalry die. Ansbach has grain and replacement horses. Ring the Olde World in lumbering grain ships?

Colonial troops, many the former Vert retired to farms, need to be marshaled to come back to the homeland. Revisit the Becalm Divine?

Train the Incago to fight and bring them as mercenaries back. To arm the heathen savages?

Negotiate the unification of German speaking peoples in Alsace-Lorraine (Saxony and Mainz). The Wallensteins (timber) and Fuggars (craft) are willing to bankroll a new monarch if business activities can return to normal. A new whale oil lamp is making timber a lesser commodity. First hurt Prince Eugene?

Eugene has a tenuous alliance of four nations. Disrupt this by freeing Duke Louis?

A delegation needs to go to Minsk to obtain the papal bull that nullified the marriage of Juan and Antoinette. Travel incognito?

Return with Ben Jonson so he can renounce this folly of Republic. Back to Xanadu?

Rescue Juan held by Ethiopians with the help of Moab ibn Bakr (the Moor). Juan's proof of life would dampen any ideas his brother might have for marrying Antoinette. Off to Cyclones?

End the humiliation of Henry by infiltrating the court and slicing the idiot's throat. Dance again?

Return to Paris with the flagship Bourbon, the next king at the helm. The boat is rumored to be in Scotland. Out to the highlands?

Restore the Dutch printing press and use it to create parody pamphlets of the Republic. A wit like Alex Pope would have helped. Are we sure he's dead?


That's my off the cuff, brainstorm and barnstorm, smack the forehead...list of follow ups. Flip card will decide the rest.



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