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Seems like there was a better story in there, but they needed the girl to save the Avengers from the end times.

Was this a Christian themed Avengers w/ Thanos? Every soul is precious. Seemed to me that halving the intelligent life is drastic, but I'd not seen anything extraterrestrial (so far) that would want me to weep for Adonis, here. He wasn't practicing genocide as much as population control.

All I'm saying is Thanos was the bad guy seemed vague? He and the actor playing him were rather sympathetic? not even a sinister laugh. (I miss comic melodrama.) Did enjoy the Guardians 1&2, but not their use in Infinity Wars. Wish all movies were made more like the Thor where he fights Hulk. That or the first Transformer -- it was dope (as kids say).

Next up someone explain the Tesseract (4D cube ???), which appears in every movie with a different back story and set of powers. Is it just the Phase Array in New Trek, a McGuffin to be used to explain all plot points. "If we reconfigure the Phase Array to Tachyon"...maybe keep it that way. Not like you listen to Star Fleet orders anyway.



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