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Was Trek SJW? --- I didn't notice ... but then that was the point ....


I watched Trek as a kid because it had aliens, and blasters, and phasers, and transporter bays, and Velour, yes, Velour ... deal with it. And, the hair, and the amazing face that was owned by Leonard Nimoy.

I didn't notice Sulu wasn't a dude like me ... until someone told me that Sulu wasn't a dude like me. (Yet, somehow, he remains just a dude like me.) Chekhov wasn't the "Russian guy", he was the guy that misremembered history. Uhura was courageous and loyal ... but ... when she bothered to sing, I was bored. Not because she was a pronoun or an asterisk or a first, second, or third anything. Because ... singing was boring. Get back to the head kicks. (We were promised 2 per episode.)

But, I could have been wrong ... Heading out to Eden ... yea brother ... eat all the fruit and throw away the rind.

The SJW stuff is just a poor excuse for not bothering to write an interesting story. Hey, HollyPeoples ... pay your interns a fair wage, and stop abusing each other while the other half of you pretends it didn't happen so they could get some fabulous award. We aren't offended by Sulu telling us about his boy friend. We're bored of it. Put on the Yellow Velour and get back on the screen and we'll send you piles of money (as it should be).

The bigger offense at the the treatment of Captain Pretty Good isn't that they contaminated it with the (mostly) pretend cause of the day .... it's that they show disdain to their customer by not giving the story a fair shake. Just like all the rest.

Worst, it's clear that they know the shmultz that the fan enjoys, because when push comes to shove, it shows up. Wimpy Steve Rogers dives on the grenade to save his tormentors because that's what a comic book hero does. Bucky Barnes won't let others call Rogers a coward because that's what loyalty means. We know that because they put it on the screen. No CGI. No 'sploding Enterprise. No special effects. Just a few panels from a couple sheets of pulp.

The Bat Dude resists the human urge to pulverize the Krytonian because in his last breath, Clark calls out his mother's name. And, for all their differences, they were raised by the same gentle hand ... a hand that urged them to forgive. Would it look better if we gave him a more black leather costume and a bigger cod piece?

Now, that I have your attention, our story tellers continue, have you tried the latest decadence and fetish of the day? I could almost understand it if somehow they were getting a kick back on the ear, nose, ass, and other place ring piercings, etc. etc.. But, they don't?? They are doing it because they choose to. It's okay, because then they destroy themselves with excess for our amusement and the next guy steps up with the next semi-bad idea. And, not a moment of introspection. Maybe ingesting a ton of cocaine is not a good idea? Is ingesting a ton of anything a good idea?

The best thing I heard on the Internet is a dude talking about Superman dolls ... HA!!! The question was, is Superman relevant? Now, not to belabor the point ... a great debate for another day ... his thought was more a reflection.

To some, as the story tellers tell, fear the Kryptonian because he can't be stopped. Unrestrained power in "anyone else's hands" must surely lead to corruption.

It is a neat story line to create conflict and punch punch. But, the Internet voice continued, does it carry weight because secretly we all harbor that sense that no one is inherently good? Could a miracle child sent to a strange world and raised by a few caring humans somehow be ...you know ... just good? Are we so consumed by half truthful ads for Burpsy Cola and the latest electronic food processor of the day that we (and by we, I mean our culture) can't imagine in a made up world, from the experiences of two ordinary dudes (just like Sulu) that someone could just be good because that's what two bumpkins in Kansas put into him (... you know ... just cuz).

If we can't find that somewhere in the many hidden places in our complex minds, why? What does that say about us?

I'll save my twenty bucks for the next kid scribbling pictures of funny heroes in tights. Disney will be fine without me.


   Iron Red Shirt

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