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SJW? Had to look that up.


I sparked some passion. Cool.

Social Justice Warrior seems to be more political than I wanted. I don't care what idea they're pushing. I just think a script doctor is not so bad a thing.

We know Kevin Smith at least reveres the genre. We know Joss Whedon writes a strong female character with some interesting twists. Is it so hard to pay the extra twenty million and get a second opinion.

Link follows; this one made me howl laughing. Pitch meeting for Capt Mar-Vell.


I'd rather watch his other hundred treatments then face the next Avengers movie (reassemble the particle people). Yet I must see it; can't be part of the zeitgeist if I avoid the popular movies. Capitalism has spoken (and smells of oil). Smiley sarcasm face text or I-am-Oggy. No politics, please.

Yet Squires should know I did enjoy parts of Deadpool 2. The interview of superheroes for a team was very Mystery Men. Watching them all die was Three Stooges funny. Like the time we tried to bum-rush a sub full of Nazi and the party wiped. Oh, happier days.

I wish we had Van Domelen to weigh in here. He hasn't posted anything on the topic, covers mostly print. Maybe that's prescient.


He does recommend the Captain Marvel or Ms Marvel stories. Maybe just use the story boards and film those?



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