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I LOL'd at DeadPool 2 .... can we say LOL on the Internet still?


The hyper violent montage at the beginning was hilarious as Dead Pool destroyed all the usual bad guys in 20 seconds of screen time ... did we get a comic seal of approval on that?

I didn't read Dead Pool comics so I have no point of reference. But, Reynolds earned his pay in that one. I saw a few interviews with him on the Interthingy and that dude is sharp as a tack ... and I mean a sharp tack not that bullshit you get at the book store.

The super hero team assembly with the immediate pay off of the punch line ... sublime. Almost Benny Hill.

And, the appearance of Juggernaut as a the celebrity of the day ... nice touch.

Can they make 10 of them? I wish they could. I could use the laugh. But, even Austin Powers flamed out at 3. (The beginning of 3 was worth the price of admission -- go back and watch it again if you don't remember --- and the rest was well done but ... it lost its mojo by the end. Hey, every moment doesn't have to work.)

Pitch meeting was amusing ... I didn't LOL though.


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