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in which I scoff back


I seems like you only watched his pre-release reactions to rumors, leaks and speculation.

He addressed Monica Rambeau quite eloquently and a some length and is very disappointed in how the studio chose to handle her character in the movie.

It's also quite obvious he doesn't think Mar-Vell was the only true captain Marvel.

When Disney peeps seem to suggest before the release that if fans don't like the movie they must be misogynists it is entirely unsurprising that some fans will react negatively. If nothing else it makes them suspect that the movie will come off as a heavy handed tiresome feminist scolding. Fortunately it looks like that didn't happen. They made a conventional but not great superhero movie that is blessed by being sandwiched between the two Avengers movies and tied in to the plot of those.

As for the SJW stuff:

1) Gene Roddenberry was a conventional liberal who moved left with age. As I said elsewhere Star Trek was not SJW.

2) Your screed on Trek, meant to mock Eric July's opinions, is snide and unfair to Eric as well as being intellectually dishonest. As you yourself pointed out Star Trek was not nearly as ground breaking as was claimed decades after the show went off the air. The fact that the (liberal) studio execs were worried about how that kiss played in the bible belt says far more about the studio than it does about the bible belt. More to the point however, Roddenberry didn't engage in divisive identity politics.

These days the SJWs would accuse Roddenberry of tokenism and hate on the fact that nobody in classic Trek talks about being oppressed for their identity. Also Kirk represents the patriarchy or some shit.


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