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More Schadenfreude


Couple of things, because DST makes me a zombie, I've been letting YouTube be my drinking buddy.

Lots of anecdotal evidence on the web that large numbers of movie tickets were purchased online and then nobody showed up, didn't ask for refunds, simply paid the money and stuck in traffic, must have been traffic. Lots of conspiracy on why? More than JFK by my count. Frontline did a nice look at JFK and 9-11 Towers Collapse; maybe the producers will look into tickets sold with no butts in seats.

In other news...

There seems to be a small audience for a large number of podcasts which are nothing more than people watching other things (video) and the focus is on the podcast celebrity's face with lots of mime (and cussing). Got to believe it's forced acting; could be considered oddly compelling. Some of these have people in tears from excitement.

I remember as a kid (let's say ten) having emotional reactions to stuff; it was fun. But these are grown-ups?!? I guess you'd call them adults. Not getting huge numbers of views, yet, but far from zero and far from many other original content programs. I can't say I watched that many of this concept but there were lots to choose from. I also clicked along the scrollie thing and spent no more than a minute (less) in puzzlement; some have twenty minute reactions to three minute trailers. I may be missing the secret to time-dilation?

The two I watched were one of a guy and another a gal watching the Avengers Trailer. Avengers seems like something I wait two years and see on cable. But the gal seemed very invested and really excited about Capt Marvel using/inheriting Thor's Hammer. That did make me think that this "con-trav-isty" (British spelling of their pronunciation of Controversy) over male heroes being supplanted by female heroes is going to escalate in early May.

I recall a documentary called something like "George Lucas raped my childhood." In it adults who loved Star Wars as kids were offended by Episode One, while their own children liked the movie. Lucas said it was for kids. Marvel movies are for kids, right? Half priced tickets, maybe not.

But the passion invested in the reaction videos I viewed makes me happy my own children don't go to movies. I sort of weep that this is our culture now, but that is too political to explain. But my main point of mentioning Lucas and his anti-fans is that I see a similar movement coming for Disney+Marvel (trademarks on both).

Who owns the myths: the creator or the religion spawned by the same? Stan Lee obviously endorses the product; he's in every film and will be digitally added forever. I think part of the Ms Marvel movie was to fund a fully rendered digital Sam Jackson to appear in gangster movies after he's long dead. Nick Fury could be Hasslehof. But, no one but the original can get snakes off a plane.

Keep it civil folks. We are a gaming site after all.



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Butts in seats and mystery ticket sales - also reaction vids -- Iron GM (posted: 3/15/2019) 
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