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Trek was just trying to sell IDIC Medallions


... and put food on the creator's tables ....

I don't think they had the luxury to worry about how it would all be interpreted in the future.

It was just dudes and dudettes with phasers fighting space aliens and chasing pretty girls and boys wearing colorful outfits.

The objective was to appeal to the most people possible (which at the time ... wasn't enough). That translated to pay checks and kitchen appliances and steel belted radials.

The luxury of injecting "messages" into our source of income is more recent thing. Perhaps, not as recent as you would think. The messages just change over time.

I'm okay if other people want to give their money to people for things I don't care for. Free world peeps. As long as they don't prevent others from producing, selling, and delivering what I prefer. They don't do that do they? (HA!!!!).

I'm just in the fool me six times camp so I won't bite so easy next time. It ain't aimed at me anyway.


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