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More Characters in the Game Name too!!!!



I just report them as I sees them.

The gaming world has grown to the point where they have words to describe the words in the gaming.

Wiz War is called a "Take That" game. Wiz War is vastly improved by splitting the decks ... a thing that would shock the gaming world. For those who have played it 100 times, it is a bit more than that.

Building your deck as you go is, of course, a "deck builder". A three card deck with a stack to the top is just "drawing chits from a cup" from the Blitzkrieg generation.

Exhausting cards and meeples markers as resources is ubiquitous. The only new things is they provided the tray in the box. (We would have just re-used the Risk pieces.)

The reviewer (Rahdo) almost teared up when he had to use the Elven Bow to deprive his imaginary partner an imaginary resource point. Imagine the hospital bill after Tony puts a stone wall, a thorn bush, and a Wizard's Blade to good use.

I should note, that the victim could adjust for the negative effect of the dragon in a single round. (Rahdo has a habit of being overly dramatic ... he's doing a commercial of sorts.)

Having said that, the bit that intrigues me is in a 40 card deck (and a handful more) the combinations create a large number of tactical strategies. And, while most games like this are about the same solo, a disruptive player can impact the leader without sacrificing their opportunity to win. (Using the Eleven bow interferes with the Assyrian Chariot bum rush but doesn't give the game to the player hunkering down in Australia ... to mix a few metaphors.)

The split of "Places", "Monuments", and "Artifacts" allows the designers to expand the game using the same simple rules. (Each player takes an action until they pass ... wherein they draw a single new card.) Five resource bits gives them enough options but not so many to be cumbersome.

Yet, 40 cards is a small enough number to know that Greg can only win if he has the Chalice of Fire in his hand ... damn ... he does. Alas, Dennis is holding the Fiery Spear and will put an end to that. Is K Man still trying to win with the Holy Crown ... noob. (Names made up to protect the true artifacts.)

I am intrigued.


   Iron Cuvieri

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