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A-Team is a farse version of Macgyver


Are you telling me A-Team would make your top ten (or twenty with the obvious top ten + guilty pleasure Top Ten)?

Sure Simon and Simon was fun to watch, and Moonlighting, but I would give them no more resilience than a Dodger's World Series game. Glad I viewed them, but wouldn't watch a repeat. I watched hundreds of MASH and Hogan's Heroes, but it was the only thing on. I dream of Jeannie and Bewitched just filled time slot after school. They're not special and more than Leave it to Beaver. Not like Gilligan, better than Stooges.

Which shows would you refuse to turn off? Which one would you have to be dragged from the room (by spouse) to make a dinner date or movie time. If Hee Haw is on, I'd be constantly saying, wait just a sec for the cornfield (then we can leave). That's the sort of pleasure I get from it. As for Trek, don't even talk to me, especially to ask me questions, when Kirk is on. We watched one episode, had to been eight straight times in a room where everyone saw that as normal.

So what's your Hee Haw is more what I'm asking?



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