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House Meets the never turn off Criteria


... for me at least ...

Not a word was wasted on that show. Every sentence referred simultaneously to shows 10 episodes before and 10 episodes in the future. Plus the 10 threads going in the current episode.

Each time I watch it, another layer peels back.

I can't damn a man for liking Hee Haw. That was from a time when they knew how to make great television.

The show Simon and Simon started on a shoe string ... lots of bad episodes in the beginning but it improved as the money rolled in. In the end, you watched it for the brothers.

Hill Street had a lot of great plots in the first few years especially dealing with the corruption and gangs. Television could not portray the true violence that makes later shows "edgy" but they had their moments. The Vietnam vet episode (Little Boil Blue) where the Vet snaps and takes hostages. He calls Coffee 42 days mocking his service and makes Joe Coffee gun him down. No heroes there.

And, of course, the first episode reveal that Furillo is sleeping with the Asst DA after fighting like cats and dogs through the episode. Pretty sharp stuff for television in the 80's. Didn't Hill and Renko get ambushed in the first season as well ... no music to close that episode.

The later years with Dennis Franz as the show became NYPD Blue were an evolution. Having the informant describe the amount of cocaine they found from the plane crash is still a memorable scene ... "If it was a pound of cocaine, and I'm not saying it was a pound, we could live like princes, if it was 10 pounds and I'm not saying it was 10 pounds ...."


   Iron Cuvieri

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Monk Meets the Never Turn Off Criteria -- Iron Cuvieri (posted: 3/16/2019) 
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