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Psych is pretty special too ...


They did it all in that show ... broke the 4th wall ... sat down on the couch beside you and ate your Doritos.

They even filmed the same episode twice.

Despereaux the master villain, the Yin Yang killers, trying to make the Spelling Bee both cool and uncool at the same time.

And, in the end, the relationship between Shawn and Gus made the show.

Was it silly? Yes? Did you have to be alive in the 80's to get the jokes? Yes. Was it wicked clever at times? Certainly. Did they make fun of it all ... Most certainly.

Made by people that knew how to make a television show ... and it showed.


   Iron Cuvieri

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Psych Undervalued -- red (posted: 3/16/2019) 
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