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McCloud grew on you ....


It was something to only get one chance to see a show ... you had to be committed.

The episode where the Police Station was under siege was memorable.

Quincy and Banacek got their starts on the "Wheel".

There was a show called Police Story as well ... different show each week introducing new concepts and such in a 90 minute format. One week SWAT, the next, the Rookies.

Columbo needed a Lastrade, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson to give the other players something to do. Or, change out the Columbo guy each scene to give others a chance to play.

I mentioned Nero Wolfe in another thread ... the same ensemble played the episode each week. One week the dude was the butler, next the master villain. It took a few episodes to catch on. Interesting twist.


   Iron Cuvieri

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