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Change to Calculated Swaggering Methods
These options are available instead of event driven results. Unlike Outlands, the Calculated Method must be earned in battle. The players cannot simply state they take Calculated action in Close Combat.

Yet the other way to use Calculated attacks is to short-cut large scale actions. The players might be forced to take nothing but Calculated attempts trying to achieve a situation where they can reach the prime adversary, opposing leaderís command post or mission rival. The three practical conditions are Quell, Breach and Exploit.

Quell is used to subdue lesser opponents (ferocity zero) sending them fleeing or hiding. This will disperse the main rivalís minions to allow final attacks in Close Combat against a previously protected compound. Hardly necessary against humans, who under Pacification Virus donít field large forces. It could represent attacks against most of the hostile alien races, like the Kro's Karfu Horde.

Breach is used to circumvent static barriers and robotic defenses. These can be battle field bunkers, bulkheads, non manís land on ship, or difficult terrain. As with Quell, the elimination of the hazard will then allow Close Combat to take place against the smaller command or leading NPC. He might still have a numeric bodyguard; there may still be more than one enemy to dispatch, drive off or force to surrender.

Exploit (Harry) is used to make the enemy Tetchy or Nostalgic for wars past, thus prone to a mistake. This can be either to get them out in the open or get them to engage at all.

In some cases, the players will need to obtain all three. The enemy will be deeply ensconced. He has a horde to Quell. His defenses will need to be Breached. His emotions or command authority must be disrupted by Exploit. Use those ploys boys and get on the tables for all three special conditions, before finishing the opponent in Close Combat. Could make you long for the day when your marksman might snipe a person from orbit.

The enemyís defensive modifier still applies. The only way to sometimes beat powerful adversaries is to gain die roll bonuses or stick solely to other Methods. Remember that Trait Inventive allows the player to ignore enemy defensive modifier for one battle.



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