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By staggering co-indience


I checked email shortly after composing my previous post. I have a couple of users of my tutorial channel asking what happened to two tutorials. They're gone. There is no email from YouTube detailing any copyright strikes or anything like that, they've just been pulled.

I reviewed the tutorials. There is nothing visual I took from any other sources - hell, the tutorials are on procedural methods. The music is licensed and I have the paperwork to prove it.

And.... Another one of my videos now has its fourth copyright strike in six months. Again, over music I've licensed. The last time this happened even the licenser's email to me read, "We don't know what their problem is, this is the third time we've cleared you."

But quick searches find all manner of stolen material still up. Entire runs of TV shows. Movies. Entire CDs. Oh, right, the pirates have millions of subscribers and make YouTube tons of ad revenue. I have 5k. I make them a few dollars. I'm not worth protecting. I guess if I were an amoral sociopathic racist like Logan Paul or PewDePie they'd cut me slack. But, nope. I'm a moderate-to-progressive tutorial maker, not the guy who finds suicide victims and mocks their corpse in a livestream.

End of vent.


   "Just fumed towards Laura" Mike

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