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The Questing Beast


I catch a lot of the Questing Beast and he likes the style.

I like his style. It's great to see the content and impression so I don't have to track it down. I don't always agree but his review seems honest.

I wish he would do less hand wavy thing in the video. (I could just listen but you are showing images ... so ... show them.) Consider this constructive feedback for those that want to do walk through videos.

The two big trends is the B/X content and the Apocalypse style. There is a certain Gonzo flavor out there.

The B/X guys say AD&D was too complicated and flawed. Did we play the same game?

The Apocalypse guys are trying to do pretend improve on the fly. Actual improv is more interesting. (I do like the character sheets.)

Still nothing for the Referee.


   Iron Conrad

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