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What was the question?

Probably not generic space game; no one plays generic space game like widespread vanilla Tolkien fantasy game. Probably not I want to be bagpiper and roam as a squishie. Too big a chance to die. Maybe that was last century; you're back in Cartel Royal, Rogue Suits for the Executives, where you travel far and fear vacuum.

"To Die in the Cold Expanse of Space"(tm) That's the angel scenario where the boys find the cure. Last one in Traveller colored uniforms before moving on to the integrated big leagues. First true farce was Sarge's Big day (in court) and the Blues Wars Trek, We're on a Mission from Cherub. Sugar, Dangerous--Not so Dangerous.

When they face the fusileer and radio Walker to disarm the thing, he tells them how to erase the Walker brand logo...was that farce, gallows humor or just the strange protocols of the age. I look at Era Ten as insanity. Be a marine, nothing else to truly do?

After the first Angry Sarge and Melancholy Sarge, we took on playing as Decoy Drones. Much followed was parody, even Doc's Squad was split off for more intense action? Took two decades later to realize every time there was an Adjective Sarge it was a new leader that the Cruz just knew generically as Sarge. Oft times when a Cherub died, the commander from Sarge and the Boys took over squad leader of the Battle Hymn.

This go round...we'll play what's expected with a fresh set of mechanics. Maybe more deaths (as planned) will sober the whole theme.

No alt characters, no drop from mission, unless discard for a fresh FNG. Two wounds or into the Epilog; make lots of enemies from broken deals. That and J.W.Walker, Mr Mann, A.J.Mac, Chief Cherub, Jones and Vipers, all the favorites in reprise. I look forward to the second bloom of the Killer Rose. That guy is fated to die too.



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