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Only the Gods Should Fly


Available in paperback.

No one should ever go surface to orbit. If they do so, do it once and never come back. Each time is small chance of catastrophic failure. Will never be safe perfectly each time. Reality versus fiction.

Should have the Moon base by now. All this should be happening on the moon where you need less thrust. It's past 1999, damn you.

I can also see how in today's camera on every hip, that someone would be recording failure. The fact it gets posted is where the society has lost all discipline. Video also gets less views than one on how to apply eyeliner. Seems about right for this generation. My reaction to an explosion (of which I've seen some) was never ooh, how cool, like those in the video. Makes me sad.

What also makes me sad is the amount of pop-up ads required to read a think piece on the state of extraterrestrial exploration in America.



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