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Complete Lack of Leadership and no condiments to speak of ....


Okay, Tony did take the abuse well and even when wounded continued to do Command functions even at greater peril. He only stopped when the mechanics would not continue to allow him to douse the flame with his punctured EE suit.

I picked up 5 Ignobles and 1 Swaggering Technique. But, I must say my dice were cold. With a little more luck, there were 2 more for the taking.

I think I made all together 10 rolls and missed maybe 8 ... it would be an interesting statistic. What does it mean? I'm not sure. What is a good number?

Cunning Ploys continues to be a difficult ignoble to check as noted because ... generally speaking ... a cunning ploy is checked by one character per cunning ploy. Whereas a Battle is generally everyone. Just an observation.

I missed the first few minutes so the intro above was helpful. It doesn't change my assessment ... it's bugs ... lock and load ... it's always bugs.


   Iron Conrad

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