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I stead of cunning ploys inventive tacticsi


And is there a ignoble for spying/Esp

How about trickery / deciet?


   Fredrick Rourk

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Not so much an Activity as a Result -- red (posted: 5/2/2019) 
I think those things are covered in Crafty Deeds .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/2/2019) 
An inventive tactic is a Cunning Ploy. -- Tech-Ninja Mike (posted: 5/3/2019) 
Exploits, bah -- red (posted: 5/3/2019) 
Getting grumpy in retirement? (aka Ironic Chuckle) -- Rules Lawyer Mike (posted: 5/5/2019) 
We freed the thirsty man to get to the pool of refreshing liquid .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/6/2019) 
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