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Not so much an Activity as a Result


Cutlass has Display of Skills and Savoir-fare.
Barony-Outlands = Crafty Deeds.
Battle Born-Era Ten = Cunning Ploy.

They are all about the same. In Cutlass all skills tended to be trickery, many deceitful acts. By fantasy we wanted to include magic use of a clever act when combining law of the universe rule breaking. But could not call it CLEVER DEEDS since there was a Trait Clever. Might confuse. Sci-Fi returned more to Cutlass model that you don't just fly the ship or fix the damage. It has to be a bit more; there needs to be a consequence more than survival. The full Ignoble is really, "Cunning Ploy, Clever Execution of Skills and Ingenuity." To think is to check, even for a two-fisted pistoleer Cimmer.

All of this is loosely defined and up to the Ref. After running a few games most will have their own guidelines. No one agrees perfectly with me (as a Ref). I often award based on the need to have advancement for better stories. If the players feel too small, they don't perform anything truly dangerous or fun.

Advancement starts to slow past level four. I temper my own played character more than most. I'd leave much of this to the players, but they would not check so much as play catch-up. They would not have specific events (written) to fallback on later. They would rationalize "That was worth three checks" overall at game's end. Best stories are ones where events from low levels come back to haunt or help. Dice rolls help and tend to make game have impact.

Cutlass had specific Ignobles, like Ship Battle. Players could get stuck on land, not advancing. It's a play style. The later games changed that. Adventure Ignoble is rather broad, right?

There's no true rule, only guidelines. Some of the first Ignobles were very specific, like Escape. Until the player character was captured and then got away he would stay at his level. Made for some odd play and gaming of the intent. "I surrender -- I need to escape."

No matter what you call the act, it has to be obtained by a wide arc of characters.

Is there an espionage Ignoble? Sure, all nine, depending. Or no, depending. Cunning Ploys is hard to check at times, because in a large group too many people are performing truly brilliant acts. It becomes incumbent upon the aggressive players to relax and let others have a turn. Just direct someone to do something, then tell them to ask for the Ignoble. We've all done that on Weds play.



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