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I think those things are covered in Crafty Deeds ....


I had this text from Outlands and the Era Ten text is very similar:

Crafty Deeds, Cunning Execution of Skills, Ingenuity

In Outlands, the rules say the Cunning Ploy should not be checked in a Q&D ... you sort of don't have the option to do a cunning thing there.

"Spying" is more a skill ... a verb if you will ... something to do.

Something that was "Inventive" in my opinion would meet a "Cunning Ignoble".

Somewhere along the way the Ignobles became a more specific way to coerce players to take certain actions. This was generally to solve a specific problem at the time. For Battle, there was a way to measure it ... and so it was measured. (I'm not saying that was right or wrong, just what happened.)

Others like Growth seemed a great way to encourage players to make their characters more three dimensional. A character rushes into danger because it is in his nature to do so ... or flees because it is in their nature. More than once, we cajole a reluctant player to rush his character into a fray ... because that is how he defined the character with Growth Ignobles.

I mention Cunning Ploys because to me it seems Players struggle with that one. Partly because it's an individual action, partly because in a large group, the pace prevents players from pausing for a moment to take an alternate path.

Not the end of the world, just an observation.


   Iron Conrad

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