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Make Rolls or Gentleman's Luck ...


... was / is a way to offset the dice. The plot depends on my dude being able to snatch the pyrate map from the rival's pocket at just the right time.

All goes awry if that is missed ...

Why leave that to chance?

I still got to get the map back to the rival without notice, find the treasure, and in the end, fight the epic sword battle but ... the whole thing goes pear shaped if you miss that first roll.

Somewhere along the way, there were times when the "Gentlemen" stretched the rule and used one make roll after another to advance the plot. Or, so I've heard.

How can you doubt them, you had the make rolls ... why not use them?

So, the rules evolved to only let you use one Make roll per encounter. But, in a group of say 6 level 5 dudes, that you could use one make roll per encounter for 30 encounters ... or they would lost.

The results would be different with say 3 level 5 dudes ... half as many rolls.

I think part of the solution is to return to the notion that it's "Gentleman's Luck" not entirely a min/max routine. Using them to pick up swaggering techniques seems a good use with so many in the game ... and they are important to have.


   Iron Conrad

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