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Other than the requirement of needing to win a battle, and needing to outdo oneself for Heroics I prefer the looseness of the Ignobles. Judgment/Prudence requiring use of a Calculated technique is turning the Ignoble into a kind of skill check.

I listed Prudence as the Cutlass rules use the example of offering bribes instead of killing a guard. While I suppose Extruding Nozzle would work in the example (add 1 to PM cycle for clogging other systems with ale, btw), this is going to limit players by available swaggering and take some of the Free-Style out.

The simplicity of earlier Free-Style is much of its strength. IMHO the newest games are piling on layers of complexity.

Judgements/Prudence/Forethought? Not something I associate with Direct Plasma.


   Tech-Ninja Mike

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