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An inventive tactic is a Cunning Ploy.


Lying, deceit, spying, espionage, all Cunning Ploys.

Being the one to solve a riddle or figure out the Ref's obscure logic could also count this check - as in the Era Ten session I checked that for seeing that the last digits had been cut off a number.

The Ignobles list is actually very well drawn up, overall. My own rules use a variant of Ignobles - by which I mean I call them "Exploits."Otherwise, because the game is d10 I wanted to create a 10th Ignoble. Everything I came up with - including a brainstorm session with wife and some friends - basically was a narrower version of something that existed, or was such a narrow category we decided it didn't fit.

The only "limiting" one in Cutlass is "Sea Voyages," which in other games is Adventure, which includes *travel.*

But,as the rules say, and Red's said here, Ignobles are guidelines, so a Ref can change them if desired.

For certain genres a "Spying" Ignoble would fit. For BATTLE BORN, it might be a tough one to fit in, because the genre of "Mech Guys in Power Armor" tells us most missions involve blowing things up (10 foot tall EE suit isn't too stealthy). A future EranTen game of "Cartel Enforcers" might - as Mr. Mann sends his cyber-ninjas to try to infiltrate the Artifact to wrest control from Jack Foster. Man, I hope that agent is lvl 8,because that's a suicide mission. Besides, if Earth is lost and the Artifact remains in Pluto's orbit...

... Oh... Oh! THAT'S why Earth is lost! After the Battle Born were sent to take the Artifact in E9 Jack Foster pulled some serious shenanigans! Or, Bogus Blue is Earth, but the Insane Immunes don't realize it!


   Tech-Ninja Mike

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