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Make-Rolls as Modifiers (optional)


Shouldnít a player character have some degree of Gentleman-Adventurerís luck or at times himself be armored by the plot? For conventional combat and encounters, when the main rival is not present, make-rolls can be used to enhance characters as momentary Traits.

In Era Ten with most of the characters only receiving two wounds, a first and then a death, the make-roll may be used to acquire other strategic benefits in play. At any time, a make-roll may be expended to buy a Trait Tactical Benefit, any of the four. This way the make-roll might grant Fury Pip like Spirited or Ignore Defensive Modifier like Inventive. Having a make-roll grant Fierce can Remove Shaken after a single round.

The main usage seems to be for Durable, allowing higher level characters a chance to survive otherwise misfortune with the dice. However, the make-roll, Iím now pseudo Durable, will only grant that extra ignore a wound, if it is spent before a wound is actually taken. This is not a spell to wish away hardship. The make-roll may at times be used to gain a Trait temporarily, and afterward there was found to be little or no need. The declaration can be made right before a dice roll that might result in Vicious, always prior to a roll.

How is this different from just making that roll? Just a slight change, because the Trait remains for the duration of battle, and it might not even be used. Again, another wargame decision by the player. Be successful at a roll or just be immune to the fail (Vicious) should that occur. Like some options in play, experienced players will welcome the added finicky bits of choice. It could even be another way to check the Ignoble for Judgement or Cunning Ploys, should the decision pay off. Ref decides all Ignoble checks in his campaign.

Even if the character has a Trait and hasnít used the benefit, he may expend one of his gifts and have that Tactical bonus for a single battle. In any battle, except that with the main adventure rival, a Trait purchased by make-roll can be repeated. e.g. Ignore a number of wounds, so long as you keep activating Durable again by make-roll. The result only lasts one Q&D or encounter event. The Trait gain does then allow three dice for Advantage as that arises for the Trait. The multiple benefits of having Pips repeat do apply. e.g. With two make-rolls any player produces Fury x2 for dispatch or lowering of a Target number. Though this seems like a case where dangers are being equated into make-rolls, at least the player controls his action. Does he use such or hold back for other more practical profits like gaining swagger.



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