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I vote Both ...


So, I take an Ignoble as a "Coward" in Act II of the play. It's checked.

Last, I find courage and race into battle to get that precious armor dent. I can't check it again ... I get no benefit ... hey sometimes it sucks to be you.

Of course, I'm describing to you the grand tale, the Red Armor Plate of Courage.

Does it really matter if later I'm a coward again ... or reckless in the face of danger. This ain't TJ work boys.

Check the ignoble, move along. Later blame bad decisions on Bruce or Rusty's dice rolls. How hard is this stuff.

If the question is leveling, and there are no hard and fast rules. In the world's oldest game with a 5 in the version number, it seems one goes up (in lower levels) in about 10 encounters.

9 Ignobles ... only one per encounter and many encounters you don't get a check. It feels right.

The difference is that in one the players are trying to do things that are difficult / heroic. In the other, they are just wandering around like mopes.

Your mileage may vary.


   Iron Conrad

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