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Getting grumpy in retirement? (aka Ironic Chuckle)


Years ago, when I asked if I could basically rip off the Ignobles concept Red Rahm said (paraphrased), "Don't call them Ignobles - the kiddies don't know what it means. Call them 'Deeds,' or 'Achievements' (for the video game crowd), or 'Exploits.'"

Well, I went with "Exploits" as "Achievements" had too much positive connotation, and "Deeds" just sounds lame to me. Exploits has a good ring.

So, y'know ironic chuckle for the man who suggested "Exploits" bah-ing the same term.

We grow, we change, so one's opinion on the term can be mutable, but I did laugh a bit.

All said with affection.


   Rules Lawyer Mike

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