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They Blowed up the wall in about 8 seconds ....


After all the hubbub on the wall, they blowed it up with 8 seconds. I mean ... every shard of ice shattered into the smallest dust of ice.

Go to the kitchen and get out the big chunk of ice in your ice machine and drop it on the floor ... did it completely disassociate? Hmm ... odd ...

Yet, it blowed up.

They lost me half way through the first season when the assassin tried to kill the king's son. I would have ordered a finger from every assassin in the realm. Come for the King's child and make sure you are paid well. Cuz, there will be consequences.

The rest ... was ... over ... rated.

(I'm through Season 7 on a freebie weekend for HBO.)

I can't understand why anyone would want to be king in such a place. The only thing that guaranteed you was you were going to get destroyed by the thing you love the most. I get why the first 2 or 3 of them would try but after the 12th or 14th went down, I'll stay home and tend my garden.

Lots of fun little bits punctuated by stupid cinematic moments.

In the end, money talks. I hope they make a fortune so they will fund the next thing. Perhaps it will be well told. Perhaps not.


   Iron Conrad

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