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Been a while since Aramis post


Welcome back, friend. Now that I'm retired I have been writing game materials again (in between home repairs).

Have you seen the examples of recent play on YouTube?

Sales on DriveThru are small (very). Yet about what I expected. I'm smiling. A larger number have bought paper copy Cutlass off Amazon. There was also a guy in England selling Amazon print on demand copies as if they were the original book. He up sold the $25 release to $40. Hope he got that and hope he didn't.

Forgive an old man, but BITD? Best in the Desert was all I found online. Probably means something like said and said before. But if not, let me know.

Wait, Back in the Day. I figured it out as I was proofing. Good to see your posts.



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BITD -- Aramis (posted: 5/10/2019) 
Don't encourage me, please -- red (posted: 5/11/2019) 
I rather enjoyed it .... -- Iron Conrad (posted: 5/12/2019) 
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