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Good Question .... I would say ....


... based on my experience a level 0 to 2 picks up an ignoble in every other encounter.

The last one or two of the nine ignobles tends to take a little more timing and effort because .... well we're not on a boat so that tends to take a little more time.

For example, my level 1 dude picked up Ship Engagements when we were tasked to travel South to the Mughuls. We had to break through a blockade. Originally, the Ref said this was a freebie and no ignobles would be forthcoming (Yea, Bull Shite on that). But, when three dudes went down and it became a fight for our lives, he relented.

I think I picked up a Vicious. By staying on the mission, I picked up Risk / Audacity. We continued to sail to the South (picked up Sea Voyages).

Discovering we were missing a critical piece, we met an agent of the Patron. Because my dude was smitten by her, I gained Growth. Yes, it was an ignoble but put me onto the a bad course.

As the leader of the Mission, I allowed the other characters to bribe me for cushy officer jobs leading the rabble. (Prizes.)

To recover the piece we needed to complete the ship we were supplying, we went into the Bavarian Wald (Forest). We fought French Sharpshooters in the dense jungle ... check Conflict of Arms. Our rabble was too numerous to be impacted by their guns.

After surviving that encounter and a few others, we thought it better to exit the forest stage left. There was nothing to be gained fumbling in the dark. The Ref offered me Display of Skill to ... against my better judgement .... lead them back into the Edge of the Wald where there would surely be combat.

One does not turn down a cheap ignoble such as that ... the rabble was returned to the Wald where we met the French recovering from their wounds. We charged and broke their line.

Again, with free will, we stumbled on our objective (a big hunk of wood to make the figure head on the ship we were outfitting).

We returned to our ship to find another scoundrel had made off with our guns. So, we continued with no cannon through danger infested waters. That was sure a Tale Worthy experience.

By the luck of the deck, we bluffed our way through.

Each of these may not have been a suitable ignoble for say a level 5 dude but they were enough for a lowbie such as I.

With 6 players (or so) it is a challenge to get your begging for ignobles heard. I try to get it all into a single sentence as with a low level, it is easy enough to convince the Ref who is dealing with higher level scoundrel begging for my ignobles.

So, I was left with but one to go ... Personal Duels. But, with an injury and a smitten heart, it may be the end of the tale of Birmingham Brown.

Or, perhaps the beginning of a greater tale.


   Iron Conrad

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