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Indeed Ignobles Make you do things you would not ....


I play a number of the games when my time permits and the thing about the 5 game is ... there's no reason to engage. Sit back and let it come to you. Most Refs just advance you when you stumble into Chapter 2 or 3.

But, with Ignobles, every decision affects the play. If you miss this action, it might be a long time before another chance becomes available.

Cautious players can still hang back and that's okay. Also, when a higher level dude needs a fight to progress, the lower level characters do hold a little bit of veto power.

The them of the week is "Free Will".

There appears to be a need for some sort of Half Check option that is a little more specific. When a high level character does something that is not quite a their level .... they often ask for a check. That "Partial" check thing is a bit uneven.

It might make sense to not partially complete the ignoble but grant a small boon like a swaggering technique or "Tony Armor" (avoid the next damage), or "Rusty Armor" ignore the next Bane, etc. We have reached the point where we constantly want feedback.

For example, if instead of a check, I was given the boon of ignoring opening banes in all fights until I checked that ignoble, that would be not bad. I might want to hold for a while to get that ignoble.


   Iron Conrad

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